The world’s smallest town with three rows of houses and 30 people

The world's smallest town with three rows of houses and 30 people

Croatia: The smallest city in the world is located in Croatia, where the population is hardly 27 to 30 people. There are two roads and there are three rows of houses.

This city is located two and a half hours from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, where 20 to 30 people live according to the 2011 census, but it is strongly believed that there are 27 people in total. It consists of only three clean streets and two streets are lined with ancient houses built in the medieval style.

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Its history is shrouded in mystery as its full information is not available. So much is known that it is mentioned in a document of 1102 which was given the name of Sholam. Then in 1552, a minaret was built here where a large bell was placed to protect the area and warn in case of danger.

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The total length of the three roads here is 100 meters and the width is 30 meters, but some people also call it the smallest village in the world. But surprisingly, there is a steady flow of tourists who are increasing the income of the local population, but it is also a good agricultural area. The ancient architectural style of this place captivates the tourists.

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A solid stone wall has been built around the village which was built earlier against robbers and raiders. However, no new construction has taken place here for a long time.

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