This year: Pakistanis did search the most on Google?

Internet users’ lives cannot be complete without Google search engine.

Billions of topics are searched on Google every day and that’s why the search engine releases a list of the most popular searches at the end of each year.

Google has released a list of the most searched topics by the Pakistani people during 2022.

Looking at this list, it can be seen that the people of Pakistan love cricket a lot because the list is dominated by topics related to it.

T20 World Cup 2022 was searched the most on Google by Pakistanis in 2022.

The second number went to Asia Cup 2022 while PSL 7 was the third most searched.

The match between Pakistan and India as well as the final was played at the Melbourne Cricket Stadium and both times there was a chance of rain, which is why Melbourne’s weather ranked fourth in the most searched topics on Google.

Climate change ranked 5th in Google’s most popular searches this year, which suggests that this year’s devastating rains and floods have increased the awareness of climate change among Pakistanis.

The sixth number went to Ehsaas program while among the most searched topics, Arshad Sharif was 7th, Aamir Liaquat 8th, Queen Elizabeth 9th and Naseem Shah 10th.

Top 10 News
Google has also released a list of the most searched news stories of 2022.

The top name in this regard is that of late Aamir Liaquat, possibly due to his sudden death or earlier separation from his third wife, people would have searched him.

Second place is Ukraine, third is Imran Khan, fourth is Mary, fifth is Fatima Tahir, sixth is Arshad Sharif, seventh is Pervez Musharraf, eighth is cursed Salman Rushdie, ninth is Iqarul Hassan, and tenth is Sri Lanka. Searched for relevant news.

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