Tik Tok and PUBG banned in Afghanistan

Tik Tok and PUBG banned in Afghanistan

KABUL: The Taliban has banned video sharing app TikTok and popular game PUBG after blocking more than 23 million websites in Afghanistan.

According to foreign media, the decision to ban Tik Tok and PUBG was taken in a meeting with representatives of the Taliban leader’s security sector and the Sharia law enforcement administration.

The Taliban has given strict instructions to Afghanistan’s telecommunications and internet service providers to follow the guidelines within a given time frame. TikTok and PUBG will be banned within 90 days.

It should be noted that the Taliban government had previously announced a ban on more than 23 million websites that share immoral content. Last year, the Taliban government banned barbers from shaving or trimming their beards and said that That this is a violation of Islamic law.

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