Tom Cruise jumps out of a plane to thank fans

The 60-year-old Hollywood star Tom Cruise is famous for doing dangerous stunts himself during the shooting and does not take the help of stuntmen for it.

Especially Mission Impossible series movies have made Tom Cruise’s stunts famous all over the world.

The 7th film of this film series will be released in 2023, the shooting of which is still going on.

During the shooting of the film, Tom Cruise released a ‘special message’ to fans on Twitter in the form of a video of him standing on a flying plane.

In this video, Tom Cruise said, ‘We are filming Mission Impossible Dead Wrecking Part 1 and 2 in South Africa’.

He added, ‘I don’t want to end the year without thanking you and thanking you for supporting Top Gun Maverick.’

The video also shows Mission Impossible 7 director Christopher McIwire telling Tom Cruise that time is running out.

After that, Tom Cruise jumped from the plane and thanked the fans once again.

Tom Cruise’s thank-you gesture left fans stunned and they also expressed their excitement for the actor’s new film.

Mission Impossible 7 is titled Dead Wrecking Part 1 which will release on 14th July 2023 while the second part will be released on 28th June 2024.

Mission Impossible 7 will also see the return of Tom Cruise’s team-mates Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg and Wynn Rahms, while introducing a few new characters.

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