Turkey bombards Kurdish party bases in Syria; 12 deaths

Turkey bombards Kurdish party bases in Syria; 12 deaths

ANKARA: Turkey launched an airstrike against the Kurdish party’s positions in Syria over its involvement in the Istanbul bombings, a monitoring group claimed, killing 12 fighters in the attack.

According to the world news agency, the Minister of Defense of Turkey wrote in his tweet using very harsh language that the time has come to make everything a wreck. He further wrote that they will have to pay a heavy price for their attacks, using offensive language.

Along with the tweet, the Turkish Defense Minister also shared a picture in which a fighter jet can be seen taking off. After that, in his next tweets, he said that he had destroyed the hideouts of the terrorists by taking accurate targets.

Turkish military sources also claimed that the Kurdish party’s armory, trenches, factory, training center and ambush sites were reduced to rubble in the attack. This action was carried out in response to the Istanbul bombing.

Turkey has not commented on the casualties in the bombing, but the British body monitoring the war in Syria has claimed that 12 personnel were killed in the Turkish attack, including Kurdish fighters and Syrian soldiers.

There has been no comment on this attack by Turkey from Syria yet.

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