Turkish forces attack the Kurdish rebels in Syria and Iraq, 31 people were killed

Turkish forces hit Kurdish rebel positions in Syria and Iraq, killing 31 people.

According to foreign media, the Turkish authorities claimed the involvement of Kurdish militants in the bomb blast in Istanbul, Turkey last week, but the outlawed Kurdish group PKK denied involvement in the attacks.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, Turkish forces carried out airstrikes in various areas of Syria and Iraq after these bombings, targeting the positions of the Kurdish rebels.

The Syrian Kurdish spokesman said that the attacks by Turkish forces targeted the people of two villages with large populations.

According to the spokesman of the Turkish Ministry of Defense, terrorist shelters, bunkers, tunnels and warehouses have been successfully destroyed while 89 hideouts of Kurdish militants have been destroyed in northern Syria and northern Iraq.

The British human rights organization working in Syria says that 31 people were killed in the Turkish attacks in northern Syria alone, while the target of the attacks in Iraq has not been clear.

Earlier on Sunday, a rocket was fired from Syria along the Turkish border, injuring several people.

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