U.S. maintains covid border policy, court supports immediate deportation of migrants

In the United States, the border policy of the corona era is maintained, the US Supreme Court supports the immediate deportation of the migrants.

The US Supreme Court has refused to reject the change introduced during the former President Donald Trump’s tenure.

Title Forty-two allows the US administration to immediately deport immigrants from countries where there is a risk of spreading the virus to the US.

According to the policy, such migrants are not even given a chance to seek political asylum in the US.

This initiative, introduced during the Trump era, was temporary and was supposed to end in December, but now 19 Republican attorney journals filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the United States, the court has expressed satisfaction with their request.

The Supreme Court will now hear the states’ arguments on the issue in February, which will determine whether local governments can interfere with existing immigration policies.

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