UAE : Petrol prices hit 11-month low

UAE : Petrol prices hit 11-month low

Petrol prices in the United Arab Emirates hit an 11-month low.

According to foreign media, the new prices of petroleum products for the next month were announced in the United Arab Emirates last year in December.

The UAE authorities announced the new price of petrol on December 30, in which the price of Super 98 petrol was reduced from 3.30 dirhams per liter to 2.78 dirhams per litre, while the price of Super 95 petrol also came down from 3.18 dirhams to 2.67 dirhams per litre.

According to media reports, the government in the UAE deregulated petrol prices in August 2015 and linked them to global oil prices, after which a committee was set up to set oil prices on a monthly basis. had gone

According to the Gulf media, due to lower oil prices in the UAE, citizens and tourists have seen an increase in the remote areas of the resort.

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