Ukraine Claims 400 Russian Soldiers Killed By Missile Attack

Kyiv: Ukraine claims to have killed 400 Russian soldiers in a missile attack.

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According to the World News Agency, a military base was targeted in the city of Mikivka, where a large number of Russian soldiers were present, claimed by Ukraine.

On the other hand, while confirming the missile attack by Russia, it has been said that several soldiers have been killed and injured.

Russian officials say a missile attack by Ukraine on the start of the New Year in the war-torn region damaged an academic building.

In a message on a social media website, a former Russian military official said that the building was completely destroyed in the attack, while several soldiers were killed and injured.

The Ukrainian authorities have alleged that Russia also dropped bombs by drones on the beginning of the new year, which caused great destruction.

During Russia’s continuous attacks on Ukraine during the harsh winter season, electrical installations, including buildings, are constantly being targeted, which has left large parts of the country in darkness.

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