United Arab Emirates announces 5-year extendable "Green Iqama".

Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates has announced the issuance of ‘Green Iqama’ for foreigners in three categories, in which the visa period will be five years, which is also extendable.

According to the international news organization, the United Arab Emirates has introduced a new visa scheme “Green Iqama”. The scheme is for highly skilled, freelancers, investors and business license holders.

Foreigners holding a Green Iqama Permit will be able to stay in the UAE for up to 5 years without the sponsorship of an employer and this will be extended for another 5 years. In this way the ten cells will be completed and again further expansion will be possible in a few important cases.

Green accommodation for freelancers has three conditions. The first is to obtain a freelance permit from the Ministry of Manpower, the second to be a graduate and the third to be a special diploma holder. Similarly, the annual income should not be less than 360 thousand dirhams. Bank statement of two years must be shown as proof of income.

Similarly, there are 4 conditions for a Green Iqama holder for a skilled worker. First a work permit with an effective contract of employment in the emirate, the second being in the first, second or third category in the classification of occupations, the third condition being at least a graduate and the fourth condition being a monthly income of not less than 15,000 dirhams.

Three conditions have also been set for granting green iqama to an investor or business partner, including obtaining a business permit from the relevant institutions.

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