USA: The airport was evacuated to let the accused of murder use the toilet

Washington: In the US state of Illinois, the airport was evacuated to let the accused of murder use the toilet.

According to the American media, the Willard Airport in Illinois was evacuated because the suspect of the murder, Brian Kohberger, had to go to the toilet.

In the pictures of the accused on social media, he can be seen chained.

The accused was wearing a red prison uniform while he was being manhandled by armed police personnel.

The police were transporting the suspect to the state of Idaho through a private plane, while the plane stopped at the Willard Airport for refueling.

Airport employees were also asked to evacuate the building until the accused was back on the plane.

The accused is accused of stabbing four students to death while they were sleeping in mid-November last.

James Fry, the police chief of the American city of Moscow, said that the arrest was made after thousands of informants and large-scale raids.

The accused was pursuing his PhD from the Criminal Justice and Criminology Department at Washington State University.

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