USA's latest F-35 fighter plane crashed during vertical landing, video viral

Washington : America’s latest F-35B fighter plane crashed during a vertical landing, while the pilot showed skill and got out of the plane safely through a parachute in time.

According to foreign media reports, on Thursday in the state of Texas, the American fighter plane F35B had an accident during vertical landing on the runway of the naval base.

In the videos that went viral on social media, it was seen that the plane hit the ground during vertical landing on the runway.

Seconds after the plane hit the ground, the pilot ejected himself safely by parachute .

It can be seen in the video that the pilot came out of the plane with a parachute after ejecting. The US aerospace company says that we have received information about the plane crash, the safety of the pilot is our top priority, and an investigation into the crash will be launched soon.

According to reports, no information regarding the pilot’s condition has been shared yet.

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