Watching too much news is dangerous for physical and mental health

Texas: From the global Covid-19 pandemic to the monkeypox outbreak, from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to school shootings and wildfires, television screens are filled with nothing but disaster on the news. .

A new study found that 16 percent of habitual news watchers may suffer from serious physical and mental health problems, while those exposed to problematic news experienced long-term stress.

Brian McLaughlin, an associate professor of advertising at the Texas Tech University College of Media and Communication in Lubbock, Texas, and the author of the study, said that people who constantly think about the news, the news affects their health. can cause more negative effects.

Brian McLaughlin said that if it (extreme stress) causes chronic inflammation, it can have negative effects on a person’s physical health.

He said that of course, Covid is a major cause of all the political conflict and division and what is more worrying is that people are more likely to get caught up in these stressful news stories.

He said that it is beneficial to stay informed about things, but if the news starts stressing you out, let it go and start paying attention to your feelings.

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