West Indies cricket batsman Shimron is out of the World Cup

West Indies cricket batsman Shimron could not reach the airport on time, due to which he missed the flight, Shimron had to withdraw from the World Cup.

According to a Cricinfo report, the West Indian batsman missed the rescheduled flight to Australia for the T20 World Cup, after which he has been ruled out of the World Cup.

Cricket West Indies has informed the ICC about the decision to include Shamar Brooks in the squad instead of Shimron Hitmire.

However, Shimron’s New York seat was booked for October 3, which the cricketer missed.

Shimron Hitmire was scheduled to miss the October 5 match against Australia after informing the Director of Cricket that he would not be able to reach the airport in time for his flight, after which the cricketer was told that if there was any further delay, he would be replaced. There will be no choice but to do it.

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