What changes did the Indian Censor Board make in the movie "Pathan"?

Mumbai: The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has cleared Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan’s controversial film ‘Pathan’ for its release in India after clearing objections.

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According to the certificate issued by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), some ‘objectionable dialogues’ from the film ‘Pathan’ and some ‘close-up shots’ of actress Deepika Padukone from the song ‘Be Sharm Rang’ were changed. is removed.

The Censor Board’s certificate does not say whether actress Deepika Padukone’s saffron dress, which sparked protests in India against the movie ‘Pathan’, has been removed.

Among the words that were asked to be removed or changed from the film ‘Pathan’, the word ‘ra’ was replaced by the word ‘our’ and ‘lame’ was replaced by ‘tote phote’ while the word ‘P’ was added. MO’ is removed.

The word ‘PM’ is used in 13 different places in the movie Pathan, the words ‘President’ and ‘Prime Minister’, the word ‘Mrs. Bharat Mata’ is replaced by ‘Our Bharat Mata’, the word ‘Ashok Chakra’ is replaced by ‘Veer’. Puraskar’, the word ‘KGB’ is replaced by ‘SBU’.

In one of the dialogues, the word ‘Scotch’ was replaced by ‘drink’ while the reference to Russia in the film Pathan was also removed.

It should be noted that ever since the first song of the film ‘Pathan’ ‘Be Sharm Rang’ has been released, the film has been criticized by extremists in Modi’s Hindutva India.

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