What did the 18-year-old pilot who got his license 4 months ago do when the plane’s engine failed?

What did the 18-year-old pilot who got his license 4 months ago do when the plane's engine failed?

Washington: A young pilot from the US state of California had to make an emergency landing when he found out that the engine of the plane had failed.

According to the foreign news agency report, this incident happened on Monday in California where 18-year-old Brock Peters was taking his family from Apple Valley Airport to Riverside Airport for breakfast.

After taking off, Barack realized that there was some problem with the engine and after some time he realized that the engine had stopped working and it was not possible to contact the control tower in time, then Barack thought it appropriate to make an emergency landing of the plane. .

At 10 a.m. Monday, Brock made an emergency landing on a highway near the San Bernardino Forest, and fortunately no one was hurt.

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Speaking to the news agency, Brock Peters said that ‘I was taking my grandmother and cousins to have breakfast, as the plane took off, I realized that there was a problem with the engine, then it started making a noise’.

“When my family found out, I heard my grandmother crying, I tried to somehow get her off safely,” said Barack.

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The pilot said, “During the landing I tried to control my nerves, I used my skills during the landing and kept in mind the techniques adopted in the training”.

However, the aviation authorities are investigating the matter, it is also worth mentioning that there were 5 people on the plane including Barak and Barak Peter got his pilot’s license 4 months ago.


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