What did the Barmy Army of England tweet about the Badshahi Mosque?

Islamabad: After 17 years, the Barmy Army, the representative organization of England’s famous cricket fans, is visiting Pakistan and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Pakistan.

A series of tweets regarding Pakistan continues from the Twitter account of the Barmi Army, while many tweets were made from this account on the morning of December 7, which suggests that the Barmi Army is in Lahore at the moment.

The beautiful historical Badshahi Masjid located in Lahore also attracted the attention of this organization.

The tweet shared a picture taken from a height of the Badshahi Masjid and wrote, “How beautiful is this mosque in Lahore.”

He also attended the ceremony at the Wagah border, in his tweet, the Barmi Army wrote ‘maybe we will be watching this event next year from India’s side’.

At the same time, the Barmy Army asked about the famous Pakistani Mr. Bean.

“Can someone put us in touch with Mr. Bean from Pakistan? We want to meet him while in Pakistan,” he tweeted.

It should be noted that the second Test between Pakistan and England is starting on Friday, December 9 in Multan.

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