What is the FIFA Football World Cup Trophy made of and what is its value?

The battle to win the trophy of FIFA Football World Cup 2022 between 32 teams of the world is starting from 20 November.

For the next one month, athletes from 32 countries will dream of winning this biggest prize in the world of sports.

From 1930 to 2018, i.e. 88 years, the World Cup was held 21 times and 8 teams won the trophy, including Brazil (5 times), Germany (4 times), Italy (4 times), Argentina (2 times). ), including France (2 times), Eurogoy (2 times), England (once) and Spain (once).

The winning team of the tournament is awarded the World Cup trophy, which has a history as old as the event.

The trophy was different in the beginning

The trophy awarded to the World Cup winning teams from 1930 to 1938 was designed by French designer Abel Lafleur, made of silver but gold plated.

At that time, the trophy was called Victory after a Greek goddess, but later it was named after Jules Rimet, the third president of FIFA, who proposed the idea of the World Cup.

01 88
The design of the old trophy was like this / AP Photo

After 1938, the world event was not held for 12 years due to World War II, and in 1950, 1954, 1958 and 1962, the Jules Rimet Trophy was won by teams.

But before the start of the 1966 World Cup in Great Britain, the trophy was stolen during a public exhibition and was later found but a replica was bought.

In 1970, the original Jules Rimet trophy was stolen again, never to be found, and the then World Cup winning team, Brazil, was given a replica, which it now holds.

01 89
It has been named the FIFA World Cup Trophy / AFP PHOTO

The trophy which is now used in the FIFA World Cup was designed for the 1974 World Cup.

Italian designer Silvio Gazzaniga developed it.

The trophy will be awarded to teams until the 2038 tournament, after which a new design will be introduced.

Earlier, the team that won the tournament carried the original trophy with them, but now the winning team is given a bronze gold-plated replica by FIFA.

The actual trophy resides in FIFA’s World Football Museum and is only taken out on special occasions.

Very few people have the permission to touch this trophy.

What is the trophy made of and worth?

01 90
This is the most expensive trophy in the world of sports / Reuters Photo

The trophy is made of 18 carat gold, weighs 6 kg and contains 75 percent gold.

This trophy shows 2 people carrying the world and when it was made, it cost around 50 thousand dollars but today it is worth 2 million dollars (more than 4.44 billion Pakistani rupees).

In fact, it is the most expensive trophy in the world of sports, the price of which no other trophy can match.

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