Which team won the Football World Cup Trophy when?

The FIFA World Cup series of exciting matches continues in Qatar.

But do you know how many teams won this event in the tournaments held between 1930 and 2018?

The 22nd World Cup is being held in Qatar, which means 21 times different teams have won the World Cup trophy.

Also, do you know which World Cup match had the most cards or when was the first time a final was completed by penalty kicks?

By knowing a few such interesting details you can also become a football expert.

Uruguay 1930 (Country where the tournament took place)
The first FIFA Football World Cup was won by the host team Uruguay defeating Argentina in the final.

The first tournament was attended by 13 teams, of which only 4 were from Europe.

Traveling to South America at that time was very difficult for most European players because they risked losing their jobs if they were away from their homeland for long periods of time.

Italy 1934
Once again the host country Italy won the tournament and defeated Czechoslovakia in the final.

Defending champions Uruguay did not participate in the tournament in protest at the European teams’ refusal to participate in the 1930 World Cup.

Egypt became the first team from Africa to participate in the World Cup.

France 1938
It was the first tournament not won by the host country and also the first event in which the defending champion successfully defended the title.

Italy beat Hungary in the finals.

It was the first World Cup in which the Dutch East Indies (present-day Indonesia) team also participated and they became the first Asian team to win the title.

Brazil 1950
It was the first Football World Cup since World War II in which the England team participated for the first time.

Uruguay defeated the host nation Brazil in the final to win the title for the second time.

173,850 people came to the stadium to watch the final, which is still a record.

Switzerland 1954
In the final of this tournament, West Germany defeated Hungary and won the honor of becoming champions for the first time.

Sweden 1958
The 17-year-old Pele made his debut in this World Cup and played an important role in leading his team to the final against Sweden.

France’s Just Fontaine scored 13 goals during the tournament, which is still the record for the most goals scored by a player in a single tournament.

Chile 1962
Brazil also won the tournament and beat Czechoslovakia in the final.

England 1966
The World Cup went to hosts England who beat West Germany in extra time in the final.

The teams of North Korea and Portugal made their debut in this World Cup.

Mexico 1970
This was the last World Cup of the legendary player Pele and in the final, Brazil defeated Italy to win the world championship for the third time.

It was the first tournament in which no player was sent off, the first time substitutions were allowed, and the first time yellow and red cards were used.

Similarly, it was the first World Cup to be broadcast in color instead of black and white.

West Germany 1974
The host country defeated the Netherlands in the final to become champions for the second time.

In this tournament, the new World Cup trophy was introduced while the old trophy was given to Brazil forever after winning 3 times.

Argentina 1978
Once again the host nation won the World Championship. The Netherlands reached the final for the second time in a row, but were defeated by Argentina.

One of the highlights of the tournament was Tunisia’s win against Mexico as it was the first time an African team won a World Cup match.

Spain 1982
After defeating West Germany, Italy won the title for the third time.

This was the first tournament to use a penalty shootout in the knockout stages.

Mexico 1986
The tournament is known for Diego Miradona and thanks to him, Argentina lifted the trophy for the second time by defeating West Germany in the final.

But rather than the final of the tournament, the quarter-final between Argentina and England is more memorable, with first the Hand of God goal and then Mira Donna’s century-winning goal.

Italy 1990
In the finals of this tournament, West Germany defeated Argentina and won the title for the third time.

America 1994
It was the first tournament to be held in the United States and Brazil became champions for the fourth time by defeating Italy.

It was the first final in World Cup history to be decided on penalty kicks.

France 1998
It was the first ever 32-team World Cup and the host nation, France, defeated Brazil to win the first-ever title.

South Korea and Japan 2002
It was the first World Cup to be held in Asia and it was the first time that 2 countries co-hosted the tournament.

In this tournament, Brazil defeated Germany to win the trophy for the 5th time.

Germany 2006
Once again the decision to become the World Cup champion was decided on penalty kicks and Italy defeated France to win the title for the fourth time.

In the final, Zidane head-butted the Italian player, due to which he was shown a red card and sent off.

The match between Portugal and the Netherlands in the pre-quarter final stage of this World Cup was named the battle of Nuremberg.

In this match, the referee showed 4 red cards and 16 yellow cards, which is the record number of cards shown in an international tournament by FIFA.

South Africa 2010
For the first time, the World Cup was held in Africa, in the final of which Spain defeated the Netherlands by scoring a goal in extra time.

Brazil 2014
Germany defeated Argentina in the final of this tournament and won the title of champion for the fourth time.

Russia 2018
After defeating Croatia in the final, France became the world champion for the second time.

It was the first tournament in which video assistant referees were used.


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