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MUMBAI: Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has announced that he wants to reduce his remuneration in films by 30-40%.

In an interview, Akshay Kumar, while talking about his efforts to save Bollywood from decline, said that ‘to bring back the public in cinema, we have to invest less money in making films, which The remuneration of the film’s actors is also included.’

He said that ‘the system that runs the film industry should be abolished and a new system should be brought so that the people come back to the cinemas.

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The action hero said, ‘I think whatever is happening, things have changed now, people want to see something new now, I think we should sit down and think what the audience wants’.

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Akshay Kumar announced the reduction of remuneration in films and said, “I want to tell you that I am reducing my remuneration by 30 to 40%. Cinema houses should also understand that it is a time of economic hardship. People have Money is short, you can’t spend that much money’.

Akshay clarified that it is not the fault of the public that they are not coming to the cinema, but it is our fault. We must give them quality content that they want. I want to work in a completely new way, everything has changed during the Corona pandemic.

It should be noted that these days Bollywood is going towards decline due to bad storylines and boycott campaign as well as not fulfilling the expectations of the fans, the Bollywood industry and its associates are facing difficulties.

While all the films released by Akshay Kumar this year are flopping at the box office.

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