Why Nelson Mandela’s Granddaughter Criticized Harry and Meghan?

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Washington: The granddaughter of South African apartheid leader Nelson Mandela has criticized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter, Nelson Mandela, speaking to Australian media, said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex mocked Mandela by mentioning him in a Netflix documentary.

He asked, “What does grandfather’s life have to do with them?”

“I’m not sure if Prince Harry or Meghan Markle ever met Grandpa properly, maybe Prince Harry was a young man at Buckingham Palace at the time, but he used Nelson Mandela to attract people. using the words of ‘.

“The royal couple is using my grandfather’s words in a documentary to make millions without benefiting the Mandela family,” he added.

Mandela said: “I know that the Nelson Mandela Foundation has supported this initiative but people have been stealing my grandfather’s words for years because they know that Mandela’s name is famous and Harry and Meghan are no different.” ‘.

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