Why Prince Harry write a book on his life?

Why Prince Harry wrote a book on his life?

The reason behind Prince Harry’s decision to write a book about his life after leaving the British royal family has been revealed.

In an interview to promote his book ‘Spear’, Prince Harry said: “I spent 38 years of my life suffering from intentional damage and suffering, writing this book to hurt a member of the royal family. There is no way.

He has also said that I felt the need to write this book because there are some people in the royal family who have used my name and the name of the royal family to avoid facing the consequences of their mistakes. Decided to protect his reputation.

It should be remembered that this book of Shehzade will be released in the market on Tuesday, January 10.

In the book, which is based on his memoir, Prince Harry describes the challenges he faces as a member of the royal family.

According to him, he and his wife Meghan Markle faced severe difficulties in the royal family, after which the royal couple left the royal responsibilities and honors in January 2020 and went to the United States to start their life.

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