YouTube has fulfilled the long wish of the users, interesting feature has been developed

California: YouTube has come up with an interesting feature that will fulfill the long-standing desire of its users, which will be introduced to the users through an update soon.

With the latest update to the application, the YouTube app will be able to run in Picture-in-Picture mode in iOS, meaning users will be able to watch videos on YouTube as well as do other things on their iPhone. It should be noted that Apple has been providing its users with Picture-in-Picture mode for many years and this has been accepted by many major video streaming apps. According to this, the video plays on the corner of the iPhone or iPad while the user continues his other work.

YouTube took a long time to provide this feature in its app. In the last few months, the news has been hot that this feature is coming and some people are using this feature in a certain form. But the company is finally introducing this feature for all iPhone and iPad devices running the iOS 15 software update.

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